About Us

Who Are the MCC Niners?

Fore, Fun & Friendship MCC Niners Membership

Fore, Fun & Friendship
We Are A Social Organization That Sometimes Plays Golf!

We are comprised of a group of women (18 years or older) who are golf members of Monterey Country Club. Ladies of all abilities are welcome including new and not-so-new golfers. Play Days are every Tuesday and Friday morning during the November to May season. Once each month there is a luncheon and a general meeting following golf. Join the Niners to have fun improving your game while expanding your knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf. Be sure to participate in the many exciting events:

  • Welcome back breakfast
  • Member/member tournaments
  • Member/guest tournament
  • Home & Home games with other Desert Niners clubs
  • Participation in the Desert Niners Annual Classic
  • Participation in invitationals at other clubs
  • Couples events/dinner
  • Niners Championship Tournament

Naughty Niners Fight Song

To give you a better sense of who we are as a group, our fight song was spontaneously recorded at the Monterey Country Club sound studios after a few rounds of adult beverages by the MCC 9ers Ladies Chorale Society after the 2017 Couples Tournament.