Board of Directors

2016-2017 MCC Niners Board of Directors

Top Row (L-R): Shirley Degenkolb, Diane Achman, Sherry Groff, Sandee Couch
Middle Row (L-R): Dana Hilton, Laurey Amens, Carol Fleming, Kathi Rocovitz
Bottom Row (L-R): Ellie Hively, Patti Whittle, Elizabeth Pearson, Barbara Emerick, Michele Rodi

We thank all our members for everything they do for the MCC Niners. Your commitment ensures our continued success and without you, the MCC Niners would not exist. We hope you will always come to any of the board members with questions and/or issues you would like us to address. After all, we are your Directors.

Your Board of Directors

  • President:  Dana Hilton
  • Vice President:  Diane Achman
  • Secretary:  Elie Hively
  • Treasurer:  Patti Whittle
  • Tournaments:  Sandee Couch
  • Membership:  Sherry Groff
  • Rules:  Elizabeth Pearson
  • Food & Beverage:  Shirley Degenkolb
  • Pars & Birdies:  Michele Rodi
  • Historian:  Kathi Rocovitz
  • Advisor:  Laurey Amens
  • Handicap:  Barbara Emerick
  • Web Mistress:  Diane Achman