Standing Rules

Standing Rules of MCC Niners

Revised and Amended April 2018

Niners Bulletin Board in the locker room is where you find timely “need to know” information. Major Communication is via the website and email.


a. Women who wish to be members of both the MCC Niners and MCCLGA may do so if their dues are paid to both organizations (which include SGCA dues to both) and they meet the qualifications for participation in individual events.

b. Social Membership is available to former Niner Members who are no longer golf members of MCC. Social Members shall be eligible to participate in MCC Niner social events.

c. Associate Member: MCC Niners will accept as Associate Members those MCC golf members wishing a handicap only.

d.  A potential new member can play one (1) time per year as a guest on non-event play days.  They cannot participate in payouts.

Terms of Office

a. For continuity, it is preferred that elected officers be willing to serve two years.

b. Acceptance of Vice-President indicates a willingness to advance to the office of President.

c. An officer may serve additional terms at the discretion of the membership.

New Member Handicap Requirements

a. Without USGA Handicap Index:A new member may play in but not compete until she had posted 10 MCC 9 hole scores (one 18 hole round equals 2 nines) and contacted the Handicap Chairman who will then give her a temporary handicap. A temporary handicap index will allow her to compete in weekly sweeps and other events.

b. With USGA Handicap Index:A new member may play in but not compete until she has provided the Handicap Chairman a copy of her current USGA handicap card.

Rules of Competition for Play Days

a. MCC Niner members with a USGA Handicap index shall be eligible to compete in play days.

b. Pairings on Friday (shotgun) will be made by the Pro Shop. Weekly Games chair will have provided pro shop with game format for that day. Instructions will accompany your score card.

c. Pairings on Tuesday will be by open sign-up.

d. Players should sign up in the Pro Shop no earlier than a week before the game day, and post all scores at the conclusion of play. (Exception for posting is if the game of the day is not a postable round)

e. Sweeps for Friday will be paid by MCC Niners. Bonus Sweeps for Tuesday will be made available during the year as our funds allow.

f. Those members playing on General Meeting Days will automatically have their MCC account billed for lunch.

Tournaments and Play Days:

a. To play in MCC Niner Tournaments and Play Days, you must be a regular member in good standing and have an established GHIN index.

b. Special Event Sign-Ups:Poster/Sign-up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board. Fill in all applicable information and put your check, payable to the MCC Niners, in the envelope marked for that event in the Tournament Chairman’s folder located in the file box.

c. Cancellation Policy: If a member cancels prior to the cancellation date, by contacting the Event Chairman, she shall receive a refund of her entry fee. If a member cancels after the cancellation date, she will not receive a refund. If a replacement can be found by the member or the Event Chairman, all money transactions pertaining to the entry fee will be between the canceling member and the replacement member.

d. To play in the Niners Club Championship, a Niner must have been a member since the beginning of the current season (December 1). Niners who have membership in both MCC Niners and MCCLGA may not participate in the Niners Club Championship.

e. Guest Days: All guests are welcome; guests without a Ghin # index must play to a “0”.

Special Awards

a. Pars shall be recognized by MCC Niners with the gift of a golf ball; birdies with the gift of a birdie pin. Either of the scores must have occurred on a regular play day (Tuesday or Friday). Break Pin shall be awarded when a member breaks 50 for the first time while playing 9 holes of regulation golf in a MCC Niners event. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board to record the par or birdie. A maximum of two (2) balls may be received in one month.

b. Hole-in-One and Most Improved Player Awards shall be determined by the Board.

c. MCC Niners Low Gross (Champion) and Low Net Player awards (two separate players) will be presented at the end of the Championship Tournament.